Cavendish Equity Release - AskERIC.TV Campaign

I created these sketches in my Art Director role at Orchestra as part of a character generation project. These scamps were used to show the client what the intended outcome was and were also used as guidelines to Tine Kluth (the model maker).

Visit Finland

This scamp was created whilst in my Art Director role at Orchestra showing a proposed concept for an advertising campaign to promote the many winter activities that can be experienced whilst on holiday  in Finland through the use of paper sculpture by Jeff Nishinaka.

South Australia Tourism

Three scamped adcepts, and finished press ad, to promote Kangaroo Island in South Australia were created whilst in my Art Director role at Orchestra.

Ford Direct

Scamps and finished Direct Mail piece for Ford Direct.

Cobra -

Scamps and finished design for the website created in my Art Director role at Orchestra and a storyboard for the opening film on the landing page.